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"Violins" - paper bid earrings made from vintage music sheets

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Each time I look at an antique music-sheet, I am taken to a dreamy landscape filled with memories and music.

In order to add to this somewhat Tarkovskian qualities, I try to add these green glass-beads, as to recall the freshness of northern meadows young grass.

To think less, and to hear more of hidden music.

- -

Paper-bead length: 11mm
Paper-bead width: 6 mm
Earring total length: 43mm
Ear-wire material: nickel-free silver plated wire

The earrings are made from a vintage music sheet, carefully folded and covered with special glaze.
They are hanged on a silver plated ear-wire.
With an additional touch of shiny glass beads.
Earrings are coated with a water resistant agent. However, since they are made of paper, please do not shower or swim while wearing them.

- -

You will receive:
*unique handmade pair of vintage music-sheet earrings
*padded white box


Art, dreams, fantasy.
Old cabinets, hidden stories, overlooked details.
Smell of old books, moss on stone walls, air of green forest.
Depth of the sea, reflection in the mirror, sparkling of the sun on the sea surface.

Copper, glass, wood, paper.
Silver, stone, leaf.

Star, Sun, Moon, Blue, Rider, Flower, Tree,
Eye, Spiral, Green, Black, White, Violet, Castle, Card, Word.

Story. Inspiration.

Jewelry for those who dream.
Jewelry for people who are searching.
Jewelry for those who sometimes feel they come from a different time.

*  *  *  *  *

Umetnost, sanje, fantazija.

Stare omare, skrite zgodbe, prezrti detajli.
Vonj starih knjig, z mahom obrasli zidovi, zrak zelenega gozda.
Globina morja, odsev v ogledalu, lesket sonca na gladini.
Baker, steklo, les, papir.
Srebro, kamen, list.

zvezda, sonce, luna, modra, jezdec, obraz, cvet, rdeča, drevo, roka, oko, spirala, zelena, črna, bela, vijolična, dvorec, karta, beseda

Zgodba. Navdih.

Nakit za tiste, ki sanjajo.
Nakit za ljudi, ki iščejo.
Nakit za tiste, ki se včasih počutijo, kot da so iz drugega časa.